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Oficina de disseny are Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamante and Katharina Hetzeneder — a graphic design studio founded in Barcelona in autumn 2014. We make books and publications, visual identities, posters, music releases, websites and exhibitions, teach classes and are involved in various research-based projects.

The current social and political context determines our way of doing and thinking. Content matters, as do collective design processes with our clients, collaborators and the people around us who enrich our work. The design process goes hand in hand with the production at our printing workshop L’Automàtica, where we work and experiment with letterpress and offset. Printing and communicating content shapes our everyday practice.

The Catalogue for the Catalan artist Ignasi Aballí was published in the course of the exhibition Infinite Sequence at the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, 2016. The publication was conceived and designed so as to not follow the conventional structures of institutional books. The catalogue consists in an essay book inside of an artist book. It deconstructs the textual-based art work and reproduces it large enough for people to read it.

Format: 297 x 210mm, 176 pages


“Materials guide No. 1, Research, analysis and suggestive implementation” is the first of a number of publications that document internal research and processes of the Technical Innovation Department of Puig, Barcelona.

Format: 297 x 210mm, 128 pages
Photography: Oficina de disseny


Two more cassettes of a collection released by Paralaxe Editions with music by Broshuda (Ooze Vector) and Takahiro Mukai (Sand Container).

Letterpressed at L’Automàtica


Cazadores de Luz. Fotosíntesis mecánica, documents the experimental photography workshop held by Alfonso Borragán and Esther Llorca in Hangar, Barcelona, 2016. The publication has been realised together with Roman Daniel during his internship in our studio.

Format: A4
Edition: 150


The guidelines publication for the call of Can Felipa Arts Visuals 2016 – destined for supporting the emerging scene of Curating, Fine Arts and Visual Communication in Barcelona.

The offset-print is based on 4 printing plates with differently sized rectangles. The latter have been printed in 21 variations out of countless possibilities in a total of 56 printing runs. Thanks to the overprinting, new tones emerged out of the 3 basic, initial colours. The project has been realised during more than 16 hours between 28 and 29 April 2016 in the printing workshop L’Automàtica.

Offset-printed in L’Automàtica
Format: 350 x 500 mm (poster) 175 x 292 mm (leaflet)
Edition: 1.800


Leaflet for the exhibition Permit yourself to drift from what you are reading at this very moment into another situation… Imagine a situation that, in all likelihood, you’ve never been in, curated by Moritz Küng as part of the Arts Libris 2016 art bookfair at the Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2016.

Format: 210 x 297 mm


The catalogue Heimo Zobernig Books & Posters Catalogue raisonné 1980–2016 is a compilation of all books and posters made by the Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig from 1980 until 2015, published by Malmö Konsthall and the Cologned-based publishing house Walther König. The project has been elaborated in close collaboration with curator Moritz Küng and Heimo Zoberning.

Format: 297 x 210mm, 432 pages


The album Two Changes by British musicians Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux is a 12″ LP, released by Paralaxe Editions in 2016.

Format: 12″ vinyl
Edition: 300


Le fleuve armure — Der Rüstungsfluss is an artist publication by Adrian Schindler. It is based on a performance that tells a story about the life of a bridge, about France and Germany, tieing in the story of the artist’s family, which comes from a village close to the bridge. The publication has been made in the course of a collective exhibition and Adrian’s performances at the Centre d’Art Maristany, Sant Cugat del Vallés, 2015—2016.

Offset-printed in two colours at L’Automàtica
Format: 320 x 225 mm
Edition: 250


We redesigned the website of “Espai en blanc”, a group of thinkers, who stands for a critical, collective and experimental thinking in the scope of philosophy and politics. They first came together in Barcelona in 2002 and the website works as an archive for everything they produce such as texts, publications, activities,…


Design of the bilingual poetry book collection Bèsties Butxaca for Edicions Poncianes – a Barcelona based literary publishing house. Poeta de les Cendres is the first book of a collection that claims the figure of the translator as a creator — just as the corresponding collection of posters called Bèsties.

Format: 180 x 110 mm, 83 pages


Artist edition, based on a site-specific installation 17m by Catalan artist Luz Broto at ADN Gallery, Barcelona, September 2014 — published on the occasion of the award Premi Art Nou.

The cover card was letterpressed at L’Automàtica
The three-page leaflet is three-colour-offset-printed on both sides
Format: 215 x 115 mm
Edition: 300


The website informs about the ongoing research and events of the project 3×4 exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities — an interactive telepresent installation designed for public audiences in Dehli and London. 3×4 was been initiated by Dr. Claire McAndrew, The Bartlett, University College London and Prof. Paul Sermon, University of Brighton.

Oficina de disseny-3x4m-01

Special edition of MUNT (sound actions). The publication’s content consists in a selection of vinyls and cassettes, originating from Raül Pratginestós‘ personal collection. Raül played his selection throughout in the course of the event at l’Automática, 27 February 2015.

Cover letterpressed at L’Automática
Format: 295 x 100 mm
Edition: 100


Leaflet for the exhibition This is the Cover of the Book curated by Moritz Küng and Mela Dávila Freire as part of the Arts Libris art bookfair at the Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2015.

Format: 148 x 210 mm


Business cards and paper blocks for everyday use at the studio.

Letterpressed at L’Automàtica


Exhibition design for the permanent collection of the Austrian Museum of Literature opened in Vienna, 2015. In collaboration with curators and architects the former building of the Viennese “k.u.k. Hofkammerarchiv” was transformed into a literature museum. The chronological circuit on two floors exhibits literature from the 18th century until the present day. The modular system containing multiple graphic, book and typographic elements, screens, posters, frames and display cases had to be fitted into the original, heritage-protected shelves.

Design: Katharina Hetzeneder in collaboration with Gerhard Bauer and Vera Kühn at Perndl+Co
Exhibition architecture: BWM ArchitektenPlanet architects
Photography: Klaus Pichler


A promotional poster for — an online platform for sharing resources and coordinating schedules for Catalonia’s contemporary art scene.

Offset-printed at L’Automàtica
3-page, perforated and folded poster
Format: 340 x 480 mm


These are the first two cassettes of a collection released by Paralaxe Editions with music by Ondness (Them corja) and Takahiro Mukai (Somosan Seppa).

Letterpressed at L’Automàtica
The images are stickers


Information leaflet for the yearly Christmas installation at the Joan Miró Foundation entitled Sow, Fina, that others might reap by Catalan conceptual artist Fina Miralles, Barcelona, December 2014.

Sheet: die-cut and folded
Format: 297 x 210 mm


Visual identity, postcards and vouchers for LAMPP, a project by Jordi Canudas. LAMPP consists of a lamp shade and an application for mobile phones that allows you to create different atmospheres by controlling colours, light intensity or music and defining the state of connectivity the device.

Flyers and vouchers letterpressed at L’Automàtica

lampp by O-D-D

The book a Brief History of the Future was published in the course of the exhibition The Future Does Not Wait curated by Sonia Fernández Pan for La Capella, Barcelona Producció 2014. The publication consists of a series of conversations between the curator and different artists (present in the exhibition) and guest contributors, in which they talk about their understanding of “future”.

Format: 175 x 110mm, 328 pages
Edition: 300


The album Citadel, is a 12″ LP by Portuguese musician Manuel Carvalho, published under his “Manta” alias. Released by Paralaxe Editions in 2014.

The cover was letterpressed and die-cut at L’Automàtica
Format: 12″ vinyl
Edition: 200


A catalogue for the New York based artist Roni Horn, awarded with the Joan Miró Prize 2014, that was published in the course of the exhibition Roni Horn. Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake. The three different editions stand for the three different languages: Catalan, English and Spanish.

Format: 285 x 305 mm

Design: Ariadna Serrahima


Visual communication (postcards, leaflets, invites and banners) for the Roni Horn. Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake exhibition at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona from June to September 2014.

Design: Ariadna Serrahima


Graphic design and naming for a poster collection published by Edicions Poncianes, a Barcelona based literary publishing house. The collection claims the figure of the translator as a creator — through the translation of poems by internationally relevant authors that had not been previously translated to Catalan.

Format: 590 x 836 mm

Design: Ariadna Serrahima


Identity and web design for Paralaxe Editions — a record label and publisher of printed matter based around photography and music, run by Dania Shihab and Manuel Carvalho.


Naming, identity and web design for Volga, a Barcelona based production company working for film, video, photography and new media.


Visual identity for the Centre Espriu in Arenys de Mar, Catalonia. The centre documents and researches the literary work of the Catalan poet and writer Salvador Espriu.

Design: Ariadna Serrahima


Web design for the Catalan artist Laia Estruch. The website is a full project archive that also gives insight into the work processes of her current projects.


Exhibition design for the Centre of Architecture in Vienna. The idea behind the strict grid of shelves, printed on grey cardboard, was to showcase the centre’s main activity: the collecting and structuring of the architectural legacy. The centre collects donations and bequests from Austrian architects since 1993.

Design: Katharina Hetzeneder in collaboration with Gerhard Bauer and Vera Kühn at Perndl+Co
Architecture: BWM Architekten und Partner
Photography: BWM Architekten


Anòmia is a Barcelona based online platform for sound projects initiated by Arnau Sala Saez.

Design: Diego Bustamante